Ok ladies I finally got ONE!!!

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Ok ladies I finally got ONE!!!

Ok I finally caught eggbert ladies! I have been waiting forever to post one of these babies. Hubby and I had just given up hope and I guess Someone else had other plans for us. I already made it in for the first beta but I won't know untill tomorrow! :eek:

sorry it's so big and not very clear!:rolleyes:

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Congrats again Christina!!! I'm so excited for you.. I will be stalking you! Hehehe!!

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Yay! So excited for you!

You deserve this! Sending you sticky bean vibes!

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:jumpingbeans::jumpingbeans::jumpingbeans: :jumpingbeans:

Omgosh! Congratulations! I'm so freaking happy for you! Biggrin

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Yayyyyyy!!!! I'm so happy for you lady!!!

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:lurk: That's awesome, congrats!!!

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YES!!!! Congrats!!!

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Yaaaay! I am so happy for you!!!

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Oh, that's wonderful!! That's a nice line, too

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Oh my gosh this is WONDERFUL news!!!!!!!!! So so so happy for you!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

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Congrats again!!!!!

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So stinking excited for you! Woot, woot!!!

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Over the moon for you sweetness!!!

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Congrats again Christina!!!! You soooooo deserve this!

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Congrats hun!


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Wahooooooo!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

(This is an awesome month!)

You so deserve it! Congrats!!! Yahoo

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Congrats!! Those are some purty tests!!

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Wooo hoooo!! Congrats Christina!!

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Those are some pretty awesome lines!!! Congratulations!


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:woohoo: Congrats

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CONGRATS, Christina! So excited for you! Stick baby stick!