Ok.. what in the world is that feeling?

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Ok.. what in the world is that feeling?

Yesterday I was walking very slow to my car and all of a sudden I felt like my cervix hurt. Or something in that general area was hurting. The thing is that it felt like something was coming out and hurt so much I had to stop walking. If I tried to walk it would continue to hurt. It was a sharp pain but not what you would call pressure pain etc. so weird Sad My stomach was not hurting but was tight just before. So I have no clue what it was.

This morning when I was coming into work it happen again however this time it was very quick sensation but still painful. I have felt him hit that area before but it was different this time. Any idea? Maybe he was just playing around in a no no place Smile Sorry new all this as it may just be normal Smile

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It could be him starting to move down deeper in your pelvic area, so he is putting a lot of presure on places he wasnt before. The tight belly feeling was prob a BHC, which may have moved him down in the pelvic area quickly giving you the intense pain. If it gets to bad you can always call your Doc (: