omg I can't believe I find out tomorrow!!!

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omg I can't believe I find out tomorrow!!!

I'm so excited that I'll find out what we're having tomorrow!!! I really thought the time would drag on from our last appointment, but it feels like it's flown by! It keeps hitting me that it's tomorrow! Send me all your open leg vibes! Biggrin

Btw, because I'm completely they do gender u/s with a vaginal, or the normal stomach sono?

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YAY!! Can't wait to hear the news!! When you are this far along the u/s is usually done on the outside.

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So exciting! Make sure to update us!! Smile

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Yay! How exciting! Sending you loads of open leg ((((((((vibes))))))))

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That's awesome! I have my appt tomorrow too, but no u/s scheduled. Hoping I can sweet talk my dr into a sneak peak. If not, I am probably going to go to a private u/s place on Saturday. Good luck and I hope s/he cooperates!

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make sure you let us know!!

Hopefully the wee one cooperates!!

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Wahoooo can't wait to hear the news Smile

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:wootjump: Cannot wait to hear the news!!! Yahoo

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Yay!!!! I can't wait to hear Smile it shouldn't be transvaginal, so yay for that too! You have been thinkin boy, right?

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Sending you extra vibes here under Feb board as well Smile