Only me....

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Only me....

Hey all

I have been umming and arring about joining another birth board...just because i get a bit wary of joining and then getting a bfp and getting attached and then having to leave as i have a history of multiple m/c and its just horrid to share excitment and then have to share bad news.
But then i though f it...isn't it better to share it all and have people who care if it all goes wrong???

So anyhow...i am just finishing my first af since my last miscarriage..and i have to say af was very kind to me..although i think my thyroid meds probably had a hand in it.
Just hoping it was af and not just breakthrough bleeding..soon find out in a couple of weeks if i o.
If i am honest i very much doubt i will fall this cycle if i go on my track record of will probably be next cycle or the cycle after.
I have noticed that i usually fall preggers when i o from the left so..depends on which ovary is good to get to kow you all and catch up with those i already know.

Good luck everyone..i hope all your dreams are fulfilled.

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I hope this is the month for you!

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Thank you.
And you too.

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I'm sorry about your losses. I understand about being hesitant to join a bb but like you said it's nice to have support whether it's for good or bad news.

I am looking forward to getting to know you better and I hope you get a sticky bfp this month! GL!


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Hi Liz! I have been stalking to you on the TTC boards!

I really hope this is it for you! You deserve it!

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You too Jina..thanks. Smile

Ashley..thank you..making me blush. Smile
I hope this is your month too. Smile

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I feel your pain hun! I really hope this is your month!

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Hi Cindy
Hope you're well hun.
Lovely to hear from you.

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Hope this is your month Liz!! I would love to share a board with you!! You are a blast!!

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Thanks Mandy, glad i can entertain. Tee hee.
You just love my queffing

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Hey Liz!!! Hope we both get lucky this month!!!

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Oh hunny, I wish I was as strong as you are!

I'll be routing for you (and stalking of course) sweet Smile


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Hey Mari

You too good to share a BB with you. Smile

Kristi...thanks hun
When you going to throw caution to the wind and get a sibling for your gorgeous girl?