Opinionated people! Grr.

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Opinionated people! Grr.

One of the nurses at the hospital where I work asked when I was due last week. I told her the 11th but the C was set for the 3rd. She nodded and asked the usual, "Repeat?" Yeah, due to my BP and the fact that I'd have to go to downtown Milwaukee for VBAC. She agreed that that wasn't the best idea that time of year. I'm now ready to get back to work when I hear behind me, "So you're not even going to try the normal way?" I didn't realize that the most opinionated staff member was behind me. "Nope." Knowing that it wasn't worth explaining to her.

An hour later I'm out on the floor again and she is arguing with someone about my choice for a repeat C! One, why is it her problem at all? And two, I'm all for VBAC. I even contemplated it seriously, but it just isn't in the hand I was dealt. I'm not going to stress over what won't be, you know? This nurse just drives me nuts. She has an opinion about everything, and Heaven help the person who disagrees with her.

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Grr!! Im all for people giving advice when ASKED; like posting here or point blank asking someone how the feel about something, but to just throw your views out there when not asked is beyond rude!

You are doing what's best for you and your LO and you clearly have given this a lot of thought into what would be best. So she can just stick that in her juice box and suck it! Lol

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that's really, really rude! and yes, not her business!

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What a rude B*****.. I am having a repeat C also and if I could go VBAC I would but I would rather my baby be safe and also myself.. SOme people just can't have natural births who does she think she is to judge you!!! People like her really make my hairs stand up!!!

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how cute that she thinks her opinion matters Smile haha. seriously. im doing a repeat section too- I just think personally its a better idea for me- so sue me.

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I feel bad for the CNAs and nurses who have to deal with her all the time. At least when she gets annoying I can go in the pharmacy and close the door. Wink

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Don't you just love it when people who aren't asked love to chime in with limited information? Ugh, so rude.