OPK question...

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OPK question...

Hi Girls!!
Okay so i have another OPK question!! UGH!!
I know I've heard that it doesnt matter what the line shows before or after but that only the first positive counts... but...
Generally, I get darker and darker until the positive, and then after the positive i have no idea, sometimes its white sometimes not, but i never really pay attention..

Soo the last 3 days there's been a line, don't have to squint or anything its really vivid but not a positive one, so this morning i finally get the darkest one yet, and then tonight i took one, and its stark white.. the first time this cycle I've gotten a white one...

SOO would you assume that I already O'd or had my surge? Or that I shld keep OPKING?!

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I would keep testing with OPKs. Could just be a one-off thing. Could be that your pee was too diluted to pick up on the LH. Could truly be that you have O'd.

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If you didn't get a positive, I'd keep testing until you get a line as dark as the test line.