OT: Thought you gals could use a funny(and true) story

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OT: Thought you gals could use a funny(and true) story

So, I live in dairy country in SE WI, right? Totally rural, but close enough to cities for visiting. Anyway, yesterday I found out that one of our local middle schools was in lockdown. The reason? A bull had broken through the fence and was wandering the neighborhood. And as happens, he was in a really foul mood and charging people/vehicles. I guess the sheriff, a couple of cruisers, and the fire chief were out chasing it. Eventually, the corraled the poor beast. Still...

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You know you're from WI when...
Love it!
Glad nobody got hurt Smile

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LOL - I live in Rural ALberta in Canada and every once in a while, we have a cow break loose and end up in our yard. (Actually that happened just last night. Smile

Much more tame reason for lockdown than the big cities reasons Smile

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that is pretty funny!