Our Amazing Preggo Bodies!

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Our Amazing Preggo Bodies!

So I was talking with DH today over instant messenger about going to the doc tomorrow - he's not going to be able to make it which is fine, there's no U/S, just the weight check, pee in a cup, taking BP type of thing. So DH asks what I meant by BP, and I told him Blood Pressure, and then went on to say how surprised I was because since getting preggo, my BP has consistently decreased from a usually pretty steady 120/80 range...down to about 100/50, and that the nurse seemed to be happy about that. Well DH proceed to freak out thinking that this was horrible, and that surely my BP would increase with all the extra blood production, etc. Well, of course this makes ME kind of start to worry, and thinking that maybe it's a bad thing and that the doc just didn't catch it. So of course I turn to the internet to see if I can find anything, and I guess DH did the same...

DH comes back a few minutes later and says "Wow, look at this!"

[INDENT]"Elasticity of the walls of the large arteries. During pregnancy, the blood vessels relax under the influence of the hormone progesterone, increasing their elasticity and lowering blood pressure. Therefore it is normal for blood pressure to decrease slightly during the first 12 weeks, drop significantly from about 12 to 28 weeks, being the most common cause for a pregnant woman feeling faint or dizzy.

During pregnancy the fluid component of the blood (called plasma) increases in volume by up to 50%. This dilutes the blood cells floating in the fluid, decreasing the thickness of the blood, contributing to a lower blood pressure, especially during the first 32 weeks of pregnancy.

The amount of blood inside the blood vessels or blood volume increases by up to 50% during the first 32 weeks of pregnancy, creating a dramatic pressure change that begins to outweigh the relaxation effect of the progesterone hormone and the dilution of the blood as the pregnancy progresses. As the pressure increases, the woman's blood pressure begins to creep back up (usually during the last 12 weeks of pregnancy), often back to levels she experienced before her pregnancy started, or even slightly higher."

[/INDENT]DH and I were just amazed at how our bodies are designed to perfectly cope with being preggo, and I just thought I'd share. Smile

Oh, here's the full article that DH found btw, in case anyone is curious.

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Wow, I didnt know that! Tell your DH I said thanks for the info lol (: Learn something new everyday.

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we pretty much rock Smile

the nurse explained to me why kangaroo care was so effective and she told me that a mothers body will either heat up or cool down based on the tempurature of our babies (while doing skin to skin contact) she said it's more effective and beneficial for newborns and being swaddled and connected to a warmer. hubs and i thought that was pretty amazing!

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We are way too cool for school Wink

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Amazing! Thanks for sharing