our u/s today

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our u/s today

Hey! We had our anatomy scan this morning. Baby looks great, estimated at 7 ounces. We are still on team green ! I don't know if any of you knew, but I have a brittle bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (type 4) and its 50/50 to pass it on. Ronan has it (and has broken both femurs already, but hasn't in 4 months) so we were hoping this baby doesn't have it (though we will love it just the same obviously). One of the indications at this point would be femurs measuring behind and possibly bowed. At this point with Ronan his femurs were 3 weeks behind (less than second percentile) and showing some bowing. This baby's femurs are only a week behind (17th percentile) and straight, so its looking like it may not have it! We will have another u/s at 28 weeks for growth and to get more measurements of the heart ( could see some views and they looked good, but they need more views) and then will see my perinatologist after that if growth is indicative of OI, and/or if I want to try for a vbac. All in all a great appointment. I'll add u/s pics in a bit, but here's a pic that we will be sending out to announce the pregnancy!

Us pics: full body:


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Yay! Im glad ur LO is looking good!

That is an adorable picture! You have to kup on the families reaction

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That pic is adorable!!! So happy things are going well!

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Yay for a good u/s!! Hoping this LO doesn't have the condition that you and Ronan have. He or she is pretty cute already! Love the announcement pic you are sending out!! So cute!!!!! You have to let us know what all their reactions are!!!!!! I am sure they will be floored!

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Looking great and great US! YAY and on a side note can I just say I want to take Ronan and gobble him up! He is TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!!!

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Yay for a good u/s! Can't wait to hear your family's reaction!! Smile

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Great picd! I hope the babe doesn't have the same bone condition as you and your son have.

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Sounds like you had a great appt! I love the pic, the shirt is too cute!

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Awwww such a cute lil picture.. Thank you for sharing Smile

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So cute! Glad to hear it's look great! Biggrin

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YAY for a great u/s hun the pics are amazing Smile