Our weekend

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Our weekend

Hello! So we told my mom and step dad about the new baby, and although it took my mom a bit to get it from the pic we handed her, when she did she was very surprised but very very happy! We send the announcement out to some on saturday so they should be getting them in the next couple of days, then this weekend we'll tell my dad and sisters, so essentially everyone will know! I can't wait:)
Here are a couple of pictures of our fun weekend!
DS with his daddy by the lake

Grandma showing DS a flower

My best friend (Ronan's God mother) teaching him how to drive the 4 wheeler (or just sit on it)

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Ronan is such a handsome little boy!
He has a good combo of you and dh! Those are cute pictures!
Yay for family finding out about the new bundle!

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Haha, he is such a ham! Smile

Glad you had a good weekend!

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Awww such a cutie Smile Very happy you can tell Smile

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Ronan is a sweetie!!

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Elin such adorable pics thans for sharing with us and YAY for everyone knowing soon how exciting Smile And WELL DONE for keeping it from them for sooo long I couldn't have done it LOL