pelvic pressure

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pelvic pressure

ugh, i know that all the aches and pains can come earlier the more pregnancies you have but i seriously don't remember feeling like this at all until much later (34+) weeks pregnant with #2, and that was after he dropped. I actually put in a call to my doc today and she said everything sounds 'normal' esp for a 3rd pregnancy and since i have no hx of spontanious ptl she thinks i'm ok. She did offer to sched. an u/s to check cervix length. I delcined b/c i'm not THAT concerned, it's just strange to have such achy girlie bits this early's to 16-18 more weeks!

on a side note, pretty sure mr colin has been getting hiccups a few times a day, just like his brothers did Smile

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I got a lot of hip pain/pressure at about 15 weeks and it finally went away around 22-23 weeks. I felt like I did when I was in the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy with DS2. But it went away. I think it was mostly just the fact that baby sits really low in my hips so when they were spreading it had the extra weight on them causing them to hurt.

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Argh this is painful.. I am hearing you on the pain side of things... My everday job is sitting at a computer and as of 2 days ago my coccyx bone has been PAINFUL as, so I went to have a pregnancy massage it the ligaments to my coccyx and bum bone were all tightned up NICE!!! NOTTTT hopefully the you can get some relief soon hun nothing worse than aches and pains.

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I hear you - my hips and pelvis started hurting about 2 weeks ago. The hips have lightened up a bit since getting out the body pillow, but the pelvis pain is still there! >