Pizza Face :(

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Pizza Face :(

I am seriously SO BROKEN OUT. And it makes me sad. And make up makes it worse. Ugh.

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I did the same thing around 10 weeks until 13 weeks. It's not huge ones either just little ones ALL over my face. I never broke out with my other pregnancy's. I used a little rubbing alcohol on my face and they seem to be going away now.

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Me too. I am giving my teenage son a run for his money! Smile

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Try proactive, clean&clear three step kit. Clean and clear is 20bucks at cvs and walmart (:

If you want to make it your self:
Sugar, lemon, fresh oj, water and a little rubbing alcohol. Mix together to a consistancy you like.

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I have rosacea with the redness I also have the acne Sad It is mostly on one side of my face. It cleared up the first 6 - 8 weeks of the pregnancy but it has now come back with a vegence. I have tried pretty much everything- So I understand you! I tried no makeup mineral makeup cleansers toners- u name it- not proactive but a brand similar. Most thing make it worse. So now I bought foundation and cover it up the best I can cause it does affect how I feel when I look at it all red and bumpy.

I may have to try this mixture and see if it works!

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"kggood" wrote:

Me too. I am giving my teenage son a run for his money! Smile

Sorry I had to just say.. that was a FUNNY reply.. luv it ROFL

I am breaking out a little but they seem to be going away Smile (I look like a mess all the time as I have pretty much stopped wearing makeup at 7 weeks :eek: