Pregnancy Test Calculator

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Pregnancy Test Calculator

I know it doesn't really matter when we SHOULD POAS, but I thought this website was kinda cool:

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That's still pretty cool Smile

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Haha! There is no way I can wait until 14 dpo to test. I think I start getting the urge as soon as 9 dpo comes around.

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This actually made me feel better!! HAH!!!
I tested today and it was a BFN which i totally expected.. I guess because I like to look at days from my last period.. But I think my cycles are now 30 days instead of 28 and so my period would technically be due next SATURDAY instead of WEDS and this calendar made me feel better! Saying no way to get a positive today... soo I think I'll hold out til monday hehe.. or tues... or weds.... or just POAS everyday but not feel "out" until the end of next week or AF.. hehehe...