QOTD 11/28

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QOTD 11/28

Holy crap this pregnancy is flying by!
Do you feel like this pregnancy is going fast, slow, or just the same as before you got pregnant?

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Flying by!!!! Honestly- some days seem to go slow- but looking back I cannot even believe I've gone through the first and second trimesters already! We may only have 2 kids- so I'm trying to savor it all. At the same time I cannot wait to meet the LO and find out what it is! Such confliction Smile

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At first this pregnancy was crawling but now it's just like, zoooooom. I can't even believe it. I love being pregnant though. I love every kick I feel. I don't want this to end. Smile

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Same here, I'm floored by how fast it's going by now!

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Mine has also flown by! I am sad because this will be my last Sad I am very excited to get to see what we have cooking in there though! Also to name him/her since we have NO CLUE and won't talk about it until the birth Smile

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Its going by so fast. I cant believe we are nearing the end! I have about 9-10 weeks left! That alone floors me!!

It my husband this morning that we are nearing the end. We were driving home from my appointment and he asked how many appointments I had left, I said 6. He said wait how far along are you? I said almost 31 weeks. He said Oh we still have 9 weeks then-pause-OMG WE ONLY HAVE 9 WEEKS LEFT?! lol it was so cute

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It's been flying by and I can't believe I will be a mother so soon. My own mother can't wait untill she's holding her granddaughter in her arms.

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I feel as though it is flying by a lot faster then my first pregnancy but it might be because i have a two year old to chase after....lol Biggrin

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completely flying by! cannot believe it's december and we're just a few months away from due dates YAY!