QOTD 12/02

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QOTD 12/02

What non baby, just for mom item do you plan to take to the hospital? For the BTDT moms, what couldn't you have been without(besides camera and cell phone, obviously. Wink )

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I had my palm TX with me and my Nintendo DS, but I was on bed rest in hospital for a week prior so they were sanity savers. Depending on how things go this time, I'm bringing my iTouch and my Nook. Dh has a nice Cannon SLR so I let him take the pics in the hospital(excepting pics I take of him). I know most of my time will be with the little one, but I'm such an avid reader that I'll probably read out loud to her. Liesel heard all the little house and Anne of Green Gables books while nursing. At least this time, I'll have wireless so I can check in with the boards and facebook.

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This will be round 2 for a c-section: I will pack slippers those stupid hospital socks are annoying and my own underwear. having my own underwear last time really made me feel a whole lot better, i know it probably sounds stupid - but it is the small things. Smile

Also I will be packing a few snacks, trail mix and crackers I think. DH won't be at the hospital as much this time, he will be watching dd. So I can't rely on him for the occasional munchie Smile

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I will be there mainly for recovery since I'm having another c-section, so I'll bring a comfy pajama this time as I got annoyed in the hospital gowns for 3 days. I think I'll also have my DH bring me a diet coke one of the days haha. Last time he brought me sushi too... Hmmm may have to do that again! Can you have a beer in the hospital? Wink

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I had my crocs at bedside last time, b/c they're washable and comfy. I hated the slipper socks too. And sweat pants. I had an IV in for most of the time, so I couldn't wear my own tops. That stunk! This time I've already got it in writing that, if I need IV antibiotics she will order it capped for access only as soon as the spinal wears off. Hopefully I won't have fever of unknown origin post surgery this time. Wink Oh, and definately going to remember to bring my own shampoo, body wash, and toothpaste. That industrial stuff in hospitals was horrible!

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Elin- your profile pic is so darn cute (well except for that ugly onsie he is wearing lol Wink )

Since I am birthing at a birth center (possibly at home but looking like it will not work anymore) and last time was only there 8 hrs from first getting there to leaving I don't need a whole lot. But I will bring comfy pants to wear home, nursing tank, and last time I was all about apple juice (usually can't stand it) so I will have some of that. There are many resturants right by and depending on what I am feeling like I will have my hub or mom go pick up some food. That is about it!

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oh good call on the slippers, i think i'll throw mine in! i am thinking of going out looking for a big loose comfy button down jammie top b/c i don't really like the hosp nursing gowns...idk, also i will probably pack a nursing bra of mine too.