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QOTD 8/10

BTDT moms- when did you first feel your first baby move? How about your second, third, etc.? How would you describe that first sensation?
New moms- if you've felt it yet, or think you may be feeling it, how would you say it feels?
If you haven't felt it yet- are you worried you won't know it right away?

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Last night I had a dream that I felt the baby! It was so awesome. Even if it was in a dream. I have been so worried the last few weeks and with 2 weeks to go until my next appointment, I hate feeling that something is wrong.

As a FTM, I am worried that I won't be able to recognize the movement until it's blatantly obvious.

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With Ronan I felt him at 18 weeks. Part of the reason it was a bit late was due to the anterior placenta. At our ultrasound at 17 weeks 5 days the doc said I should feel him soon, then I did 2 days later! Coincidence? It felt like going over a rollercoaster kind of- like where your stomach flops. That was at first- then obviously the movements got more distinct as he got bigger!
I am pretty sure yesterday I felt the same thing, so with #2 it was at 14 weeks 5 days,(which makes sense because the doc said with #2 I'd probably eel it 3-4 weeks sooner) though I had thought I felt it back around 12 weeks, but had been second guessing myself! I'd say the feeling is the same- that stomach dropping feeling- though when I thought I felt it at 12 weeks it was more like just fluid shifting when I laid on my stomach.
YAY for baby movement!

Jenna- sorry you get so worried, but I definitely understand. You use a doppler at home? I think you'll know its movement for sure when you feel a strange feeling several times in a day, then it'll click! At least that's what happened to me!

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Elin - Yesterday I got in a heated screaming match with my friend that left me in tears and I was so worried that I freaked out the bean that I pulled out my doppler and felt a million times better. Smile

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Can I say THANK GOD for dopplers. I listen to babys little heart beating morning and night just to make sure.

With my last dd I felt movement at 16wks I am counting down now. It is a different feeling and I think once you have felt it a few times you'll know for sure. I wonder myself if I'll remember what it feels like lol

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Not until like 16/17 weeks. I have anterior placentas ALL. THE. TIME. I was 20 weeks with Dylan. I *think* I may be feeling tiny twitches, but I am not quite sure yet.

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With kay I felt 'butterfly flutters' around 15 weeks and was positive it was her around 19 weeks.

This time I've felt the butterflies since 12ish weeks (: and the last weeks I know it's my bean because usually the movement is followed by a kick to the bladder lol

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I'm a little worried about not feeling it until later...especially being a "fluffy" chick. Plus, just not knowing for sure what I'm feeling when I finally do, lol.

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With my DS#1 I finally really "felt" him at 19 weeks. It felt like little "kicks." I probably had felt him earlier but I just didn't know what I was feeling

With DS#2 I felt him at 14 weeks! I clearly remember it feeling like little "flutters." I could tell what it was because I'd remembered the feeling. It is hard to describe but the early feelings are kinds like, "Oooh, what was that? I know that wasn't gas! ha!" But as you move along then you can clearly feel kicks, wiggles, punches, everything! Pretty amazing huh?

I wonder when I will first feel this baby?

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With my 1st I was 18 weeks, my second was 12 weeks, and my 3rd was late at 21 weeks. When I felt the very first movement with my first baby, it was a brushing movement as he slid a hand or foot down the side of my stomach. My 2nd, she started with little kicks and punches. It started like a tap, and got progressively stronger as she progressed. I am glad I didn't feel the 3rd until so late, because he had the tendancy to push his foot in my ribs and stretch every day at the same time. He is strong, and it hurt! I really hope this one doesn't do that.