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QOTD 8/11

What is your favorite snack so far this pregnancy?

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Garden tomatoes!!!!!!!! I am addicted to tomatoes but only FRESH straight from the garden. I don't go for store bought, yuck! Luckily my in-laws have a huge garden with LOTS of them so I can feed my addiction. People at work think I am nuts! I will sit and eat like 3 HUGE ones at a time! I cut them up put salt on them and I am good to go lol Sadly once the season passes I am all done and have to wait another YEAR to get them again. This really isn't a pregnancy addiction it is a every Summer addiction. I don't have any just pregnancy food addictions this time around.

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Cereal. It's my go-to food when I don't feel well.

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Marcia-that sounds amazing! And healthy- good thing thing you aren't craving junk!
Jenna- awesome- what kind of cereal do you like? has that changed since you've been pregnant?

I have been wanting lots of milk! I'm glad that I've always liked skim milk at least- calorie and fat-wise! Also, sadly, I pretty regularly want some chocolate. Luckily it doesn't have to be tons of it to be satisfying at least Smile

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Cereal definitely. Or popsicles, lol!

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Corn from our garden, lemons with salt or a little sugar (fruit in general also yummm), anything with dairy & cheeseburgers! Lol all that healthy stuff and freaking cheeseburgers! My c/b craving is always around midnight and hubby HAS to go get one from McDonalds and it HAS to have pickle, even though I will take it off. Lol

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Cereal. Cornflakes the most I have to have them daily and I was even up at midnight the other night eating a bowl to help with morning sickness at night lol.

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I'm loving fruit. Plus, if the hospital has cottage cheese and fruit on the line, I mix both up and snack on that during the night shift.