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QOTD 8/16

BTDT moms- how late have you flown/ traveled far while pregnant?
Everyone- any travel plans late in the pregnancy?

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I haven't flown while very pregnant but I have driven 6 hours in late pregnancy like 35 weeks. We plan to go to IL around Chirstmas time to see my hubby's family and it is the 6 hour drive. I will be 33 weeks I think. I will drive up to an hour away even at 39 weeks (did it last time) I just never really worry about going into labor early. I guess I wouldn't want to be more than an hour away in the last couple weeks before that I think I would pretty much go anywhere I felt like it :eek:

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I didn't fly anywhere last pregnancy, but for Christmas (6 days before the c-section/ 7 days before Ronan's due date) I drove a couple of hours to my mom's then back, and it was a piece of cake- I hope I'll be like that this time! We want to fly out to VA to see DH's family and friends the week between Christmas and New Years- so I'll be 35ish weeks on the way there and 36ish weeks on the way back- hopefully that'll be approved!

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I flew a week or so after I found out, but don't plan to fly again soon. DH and I will be driving to a cabin next week in New Mexico, and that's like 8 hours one way (bleh!).

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The latest I flew with Kaylee was 26 weeks. (: after that I didn't fly anymore. To many what ifs went threw my head!

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I've only flown early in a pregnancy in the past. We do plan on going away somewhere warm this winter so probably 6 or 7 months

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i flew with my first at 30 weeks. i would not be worried about being away from home close to my edd b/c we'd be with family if i went into labor. but honestly we will prob. go to il's at Christmas (just over and hr) and that's the last thing we have planned so eh, likely won't be far from home late in preg.

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I haven't flown with any pregnancy, and I doubt I will with this one.. We don''t have any plans but if we do it will be within driving distance anyway Smile

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I'm a first time mommy but I'm intending to fly out to AZ to see my hubby graduates from the final part of his Warrant Officer school(he's in the Army). I will be almost 7 months I believe, I'm needing to fly out oct 23 or 24. I'm just hoping everything is still going well and my OB doesn't have a problem with it. The drag will be driving back to NC with him being that preggo lol. He thinks I peed a lot before I was pregnant LOL

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I flew from Detroit to Vegas and back when I was about 6 months along with Liesel. And we drove out to Milwaukee to house hunt at 7.5 months. This time I've flown twice already. Not planning to go home for Christmas this year (8 hr drive). But we will make one last trip in in Oct.

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We plan on driving to DH's (15 hour drive to PA) family for Christmas. We drive everywhere (My mom lives 7.5hrs away, BTW), and I home birth anyway so it's really not that big of a deal to me We can just toss the birthing supplies in the care for good measure. LOL. I've done the trip from Cincinnati, to Atlanta by myself with all 5 kids a couple times. Travel really isn't that big of a deal.

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This is my first, but my entire family had a Disney World trip scheduled a few years back when my sister got pregnant with her youngest. She was 33 weeks when we went. Her baby was born a week after we got home. He was 6 weeks early but in perfect health. I don't think I want to cut it that close!