QOTD: 8/5

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QOTD: 8/5

Are you wearing maternity clothes yet?

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YES.. started really early this time Smile

I couldn't believe how fast I grew at the beginning but I know it was mostly water weight.. :mad:

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For the most part yes. I wear a lot of dresses and skirts that are not maternity but work very well for a growing belly! It seems like so many dresses/shirts that are not maternity work because the style is the empire waist which I feel like makes you look pregnant even if you aren't!

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Not yet - still wearing most of my old clothes but they are starting to get a little snug. I had a fatty belly before a baby belly so I'll probably be able to start pulling out some of my larger clothes soon (I lost 60 pounds this year before getting preggo!). So...not just yet, but hopefully soon! Biggrin

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Not yet, but I seem to be keeping this one pretty tight. I didn't need Mat wear till 6-7 months last time, and, though I'm sure I'll need it sooner than last time, there is no outward sign yet. Of course I'm a little fluffy around the middle so that will hide it some too. Work is easy. I wear uniform scrubs and I swear the pants (unisex of course...blah!) are made by Omar the Tent Maker. There's room for 2 of me easy in them. Smile The tops will need replacing sooner or later, but I'm hoping to borrow from a coworker who just got back from ML.

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I don't think I'd really need them yet, but I was still wearing the pants after having Ronan- they're just SO comfortable and I couldn't bring myself to go back, but I don't think I'll need the shirts for a bit yet.

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Not as yet but gee whiz I can't wait to hehe I have had to buy one of them belly belt thingy's thou just so I can wear some jeans instead of track pants Smile

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Yes I am! (: IMO I am huge already! Lol I looked at my belly pics in order and had a 'Holy $%' moment lol

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Not really, but I am using hairbands to hold together my pants! I'm also wearing a lot of "comfy" pants that have elastic so they are like maternity pants. My shirts are tight, but I don't feel like I really need maternity ones quite yet, although I do have a bump! Wink