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QOTD 8/6

Are there any chores you refuse to do while pregnant? Or maybe ones you probably could do but get someone else to do anyway?

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I won't shovel or push our big snowblower when I'm pregnant, unless I'm past 37 weeks and ready to go into labor haha! With the extreme heat we had I got my husband to do the yard work, though I probably still could have done it, but its nice to get out of that sometimes Smile

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Cat box! Wink

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I refuse to clean the litter box for obvious reasons. The funny part is I stopped cleaning it when I got pregnant with my first one (over 5 yrs ago) and never went back to it! ha!! My DH has been doing it for almost 6 years straight now. Wink he he

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I can't think of any jobs that I do that can't be done preggo! Obviously I am not a hard-worker! lol I always say "If you are looking for a workhorse I am probably not your guy" (You, Me, and Dupree) LOL It is kind of the running joke in my family!

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Cooking I refuse to cook lol only because of the horrible morning sickness.

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So far, I can and do all the things I usually do. Last time I stopped doing laundry at 7 months because I wasn't allowed to haul the baskets up and down the steps. This time we have a first floor laundry and a ranch house so no steps. I'll probably avoid shoveling too.

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Shoveling HA! The only snow we had since 1989 was the week before DD2 was born and we got a couple of inches, it was awesome. As for chores, I don't do the cat box and that's about it. I used to rest my tummy on the counter when I was doing dishes and it felt really good. Smile

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Little box and yard work. Biggrin

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With DD i did almost all of our usual chores, all throughout.
This time though, since i'm in india and domestic help/maids are easily available & affordable, i've maid to clean and another one to cook Smile YEAH i'm SPOILT this time around!!
The cook-maid wont be there throughout though, i'll probably start cooking again once this MS lets go of me. I actually look forward to working in my kitchen & eating food i myself made Smile