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QOTD 9/1

Have you taken baths since finding out you're pregnant?
FTMs and BTDT- does it make you nervous?
BTDT- Are you just as nervous as you were the first prenancy or more lax about it?

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I don't like taking baths pregnant or not. I wouldn't see it being an issue though if I wanted to. I would just make sure the water wasn't hot. The only time I like a "bath" is at the birth while in labor/having the baby Smile

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nope but i've sat in a hot tub for a few minutes (like 3) and put my feet in really warm water. i don't take baths b/c i my kids wouldn't leave me alone if i tried Smile

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I LOVE baths, and still take them. I figure if the water isn't too hot I'm fine. Smile

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I do! I had to wait a little bit after the transfer, but I do now. I just make sure not to get it too hot.

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I haven't taken a bath but I'm really not a bath person Wink (unless I am sick)

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I love baths but I can't have them when my kids are around or awake otherwise they want to jump in with me! I usually take more baths in the last trimester to help relax and soothe my hips and back

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With ds I was more cautious and didn't take any the first trimester. But towards the end I was pretty uncomfortable and sooooo itchy, it seemed oatmeal baths were the only thing that kept me sane and from scratching myself raw! Doc said if its a regular tub they start cooling off as soon as they're filled, so its not a big concern really. This pregnancy I take them a lot!