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QOTD 9/12

Do you drink caffeine during your pregnancies/pregnancy?

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Yes I do! I don't drink alcohol, I don't do drugs and I eat healthy. I did not give up caffine but I also don't drink coffee. I have 1-2 teas a day

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I have a REALLY hard time using moderation when it comes to drinking diet coke (which I love love love!) so during pregnancy I just avoid it altogether. If I knew I would be satisfied having one can a day I'd probably do it after the 1st trimester, but I'm not sure I could control myself Smile

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I do have caffeine. I have iced tea, coffee, and an occasional diet pepsi. I don't have any of them everyday and only have within the "safe" limit of caffeine when I do have it.

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I love iced tea and Cherry Coke. I'd get a raging headache if I quit cold turkey. None of my babies were born with the jitters, so I assume all is good.

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I do even though I'm really sensitive to it. I have raging migraines whether I'm pregnant or not and since I can't take my usual meds for them, my OB has me taking 2 Tylenols and a cup of really strong coffee. It helps more than just the Tylenol alone so it's worth it to me.

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I do. I can limit myself when it comes to caffeine because sometimes I just need a Coke, you know? But I also grab the caffeine free alternative, like Sprite, if I just want the fizz. However, I have started getting all my favorite Starbucks drinks decaf.

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Yep - just dialed it down a LOT. I usually have 1 cup of coffee a day. I was a diet dr pepper drinker, but I've just switched to sprite and root beer, since both are caffeine free. Wink

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Rarely, but I Hate all coke and pepsi products except root beer and sprite, both are caff free lol. I do like tea now and then and maybe an iced coffee on the days I get little sleep. Its all about moderation (:

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yes, that's my only 'bad' thing. no drugs/smoking/alcohol so caffeine it is....

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I drink coffee and sodas...but not much. Every once in a while I will drink tea. Add me to the migraine pool here. Sad