a question for not-FTMs please

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a question for not-FTMs please

When/how early did u start showing with ur second/later pregnancies?

for me, this is my 3rd pregnancy, (1st- DD born, 2nd-m/c @7w) and im think i look big already, like 5+ months. When i was carrying DD, i had Polyhydromniosis (excess amniotic fluid) detected at arnd 8th month. that made my belly really big, to the point people asked me if i was due any day when it was still 32 weeks. reason for Polyhydromniosis is quite another story i will tell later.

So the point here is that the condition made my uterus & belly skin stretch really bad and seems like permanent damage...my tummy never quite regained its tightness these 4 years. I did lose all of my pregnancy weight and got back in shape, but my abd. muscles stayed loose in spite of all exercises. Whenever my weight goes up a bit, it shows up first around my waist now. Also my tummy sticks out after a big meal (eeks i know very embarrassing).

So this time my tummy swolle up early and i think i look 5 months preggo already. How early is normal?

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This is my 4th pregnancy and I've started showing earlier with every baby. I think I was showing around 9 weeks with #2, 7 weeks with #3 and around 6-7 weeks with this baby. I now look about how I did at 20 weeks with #1 and have been in maternity clothes for a month now.

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lurker.... Yeah I just posted this on the jan board, I feel like I've been showing with my 2nd pregnancy since about 6-7 weeks also... and I too feel at least 5 months pregnant!

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yah, I've shown earlier with each pregnancy. I think that is normal. Smile

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Ive had my bump since about 6/7 weeks Biggrin I love that I am showing early because it means I dont look fat (: lol BUT I need to break out my "No touching the belly" Shirts I made with Kay lol

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I am also getting a big belly already!!! I feel like I look giant already!! I love a big preggo belly so I am loving it!