Quote from OB: Did I really sign that!?

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Quote from OB: Did I really sign that!?

Today I was trying to arrange being off work till mat leave is up and found out the note my OB's office faxed over said I could go back on Monday. Since she(OB) told dh and I before discharge last night that she wanted me off completely, I was confused. It turns out the RN in her office goofed it up. My L&D RN walked over to the office and spoke to the RN there who wrote the note for Dr to sign. When I called to double check today the above was her response. Oops! I can understand, though. She spent 6.5 hrs in surgery yesterday, dealt with me and 2 other laboring moms, and still saw patients in clinic. Drs at the hospital where I work do dumb stuff like that at 8am, so why not at 5pm after a day like that.

Needless to say, they faxed over a corrected excuse note.

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Glad you got it straightened out, but I totally agree- we can give them a break sometimes! Their job is just a little important!

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glad she fixed it!