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i know everyone says this at some point but seriously this baby feels so heavy! i have no idea how I am going to be able to walk 10 weeks from now. and it totally doesn't help that dh is scheduled for some graveyard shifts Jan 26th and asked me to have baby by them lol! if i am still preggo (which i probably will be) and he has to work it's going to suck, i don't really want to go stay with family (over an hr away) that close to my due date but i might, so he'll be able to get some sleep. Anway enough rambling, hope you ladies are doing well

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I feel your pain mama! This kiddo weighs a ton lol. My belly has reached a point to where I cant empty the washer because I cant reach the bottom, I cant reach the back of the stove with out being on my tip toes and leaning over lol.

I hope everything works out with your DH working graveyard shifts! Eek. I remember when my DH was working graveyard, it was no fun.

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Ladies I can commiserate I feel like a whale it has been a month of me asking dh for stuff on the bottom shelves, or getting socks out of my drawer!

these babies will sure be worth it in the end but right now I am just a tad miserable with 8 weeks to go... aaah!

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My only real belly complaint is when I'm trying to hold DS on my lap to feed him (though he'll be done with a bottle soon enough I'm sure) because I sort of hunch over and then baby is up in the ribs.
Sorry about the maybe graveyard shifts! During my last pregnancy DH worked 2 jobs- a second shift and overnight, so there were times where I rarely saw him. That was hard, and we didn't have kids yet!