And the results are in...

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And the results are in...

We had a wonderful ultrasound! Hubby and I dropped Kaylee off with her Aunt Whitney to play for a while so we could go alone and not juggle a hyper tot.

I was pretty nervous, and I honestly have no idea why lol Our tech was awesome, super friendly and told us everything we were looking at in detail (: They checked my cervical length because both me and DH have family members who have gone into labor around 20-25 weeks (my mom being one of those people) and because I have had light to mild contractions since 9 weeks and had to go to the ER three times for them ect. Anyway it looked great, nice and high, great length ect.

Then we finally got to the good stuff!
Baby was super duper shy, which is funny because Kaylee was a little super model in the womb and posed for the camera! Haha.
Babe has a perfect little heart, another concern. (3of shanes close relatives were born with serious heart problems only one is living)
All body parts are were they need to be (:

Now the two fun things!
Size-Baby length is measuring perfect (19wks6days a few days ahead) but this munchkin is a little chub! She said the normal is about 10oz this kiddo weighs 14! Lol She sent the results to the doc and they will decide if they should move my EDD.
Sex-We are very happy to announce that I am baking a...

Sorry if these pics are massive Im doing everything from my phone and I can't edit photobucket pics. Grr.

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you have such a photogenic young one Smile

Glad you got to experience it without a twisting toddler Smile

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YAY!!!!!!!! I'm glad everything is looking great, and that HE showed you his goods!!! How exciting!!!

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Welcome to the boy club! Seems like a lot of people are having boys. The gender count on the January board is like 11 girls to 18 boys. Something like that. But a heck of a lot more boys then girls.

Glad the ultra sound looked good! Curious to find out if your doctor will move your date up on you with the fact that you are only measuring a few days ahead. My dr never moved my dates if it was only off by a few days. But every doctor is different .

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Yay!!!! How exciting now having the other sex. :). Congrats!

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Yay for a healthy baby!!!!!! You will love having a little boy!!!

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We are very excited! (:

We are 98% sure we will be naming him Rowan Nathaniel its the first name we both thought of when we heard boy. Lol our second place name is Emery Carter. Now to keep it a secret until next Saturday!

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Congratulations!!! You got a lot of great news today. I love the foot picture

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Yay for a boy!!! Congrats!!!

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Yahoo Congratulations!!! Yahoo on your baby BOY!

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AWWW such cute pictures.. I love the lil foot pic Smile

Welcome to team BLUE Smile

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great pictures! CONGRATULATIONS on your little boy!!!

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YAY congrats on your beautiful little BOY Smile