Rrrrr Sleep

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Rrrrr Sleep

Rrrrrr anyone else having trouble sleeping on their side only? I just get so unconformable going back and forth I normally am a “side sleeper” so I am not sure why it bothers me now but I get so grumpy lately.. Rrrrr Wink

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I do seem to be doing a lot more tossing and turning. I keep ending up on my back which is just weird for me. I'm usually a side sleeper too.

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I just bought a side sleeper pillow and I put that sucker between my knees and it seems to keep me on my side. I am an all over the place sleeper normally.

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I usually sleep on my tummy, but since I am already showing I toss about all night =/

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I am a tummy sleeper, and then I wake up in the middle of the night paranoid that I am squishing my babies. I guess pretty soon I will be tooooo big to sleep on my tummy and I never sleep on my back.

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I have this fancy schmancy pillow thing and so far it doesn't help much! I think it'll work better when I'm further along and CANT end up on my belly really. I hope at least! This may not be what you're talking about, but I found that if I don't drink much before bed, I take a warm bath or shower, I lotion myself up pretty good, I haven't napped much that day, and maybe did a little exercise, I sleep SOOOO much better- less tossing and turning, getting up, itching, etc. I hope you find some comfort soon!

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Thanks ladies.. I actually slept well last night.. go figure.. I guess I just needed to complain and all would be right in the world of no sleep... dang I hope I didn't just jinx myself lol

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lol ya you complain and get a good nights sleep, I read this post... and all I could think about last night was sleeping and how I was sleeping... so I didnt really get any sleep. I guess I gotta watch which posts I read lol