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safety psa (xp)

last night my 4 yr old was playing in his room with isaac. our house is small, i don't check on them too often when they are playing nicely and i can hear, them i could hear them playing so i let them be. me, DH and fil were all at our house. Connor comes out saying he hurt his neck. he went straight to the kitchen to get a paper towel, i thought he was just being weird. I asked him if he was ok and what happened. he said he was bleeding and he hurt his neck on his window.

this is what i found

he got caught in his blind cords that the boys were playing with (didn't even know they could open their blinds). i immediately went to check on isaac, who was fine, and reclosed the blinds and tucked away the cords. when the blinds are closed the cords are only 3in long so honestly, it had fallen off my radar of worries. when i open them i have the piece on the wall to wrap them up to. well i tucked them up into the valence where they can no longer get to them. I am/was so upset. we escaped a possible tragedy last night and there were 3 adults in our was really scary to know that he had been caught a room over from where we all were and NEVER called for help. Honesly, i was shocked. he's 4 and he didn't say a word. i can only imagine he just struggled until he got free, and thankfully got free.

this is what his neck looks like today.

for all of us with little ones (older and on the way) check your blinds please. thankfully connor is ok but i know my outcome is not always the case

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OH my goodness! I am so thankful that he is okay! Poor LO, his little neck looks just awful. Someone upstairs was looking out for him and your family! Its easy to forget little things like that, as they get older we just assume the most dangerous things are over.

I worry all the time about the strings that hang down from blinds, when we go to friends and family we do a 'saftey check' before we let Kay run around. We also have extra outlet protectors and door gaurds for when we know we will be at someones home all day. Im a worry wart!

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Oh gosh! I am so glad he is okay. These are things that I wouldn't even think of! Geez.

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Holy crap that's horrible! Poor little fellow, it's good kids bouce back and don't really remb the horrible things. I'm glad the out come was just a bruise that will go away in time.

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That is SO scary! I am always paranoid about my kids doing something like that!

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Those photos make me feel ill. Thank goodness he is okay. I can't even imagine :(. I will definitely be double checking my blinds again

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Oh my gosh, I'm SO glad he's ok! Thanks for sharing though- it helps me with more child-proofing. There are SO many things to worry about!