Scared- Need Advice

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Scared- Need Advice

Sorry I haven't been around much. I have been having lots of contractions that I think are Braxton Hicks, but my OB was worried, so she sent me in for an ultrasound at 31 weeks for sizing. The baby had odd measurements. His head measured 30wks, belly 29 wks, and femurs were at 26 weeks. She was concerned, so she sent me to the perinatologist to have another ultrasound yesterday. At 33 weeks, he came up with head at 32 wks, belly at 31wks, and femurs at 27 wks. His arms were also at 27 weeks. The perinatologist says he has very short limbs, at 1%. He says it is not worth getting an amniocentesis now, because I may have the baby before the test results came back. He said the DNA test would take weeks. I have to go back to have the baby's limb growth checked in 2 weeks. Basically they said that either his limbs are smaller than 99% of other babies at this point, or he may have Achondroplasia (Dwarfism), but they won't be able to give me a better idea until the next set of measurements are taken. We have no family history of this, and I am 5'5, DF is 5'11. Have any of you heard of this before?

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I am sorry I am not much help but it seems that you and DF are both on the short side. I am sure they wll know more as they keep doing the scans.. (GREAT BIG hug for ya though)

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I wouldnt freak out just yet; tho that is easier said than done I know. I think you should take it easy, try and relax; again easier said than done. But stress isnt good for you or your LO.

Ask if you can be reffered to someone in genetics after baby is here since they are just going off ultrasounds.

I hope this all works out in the end for you (: I'll keep you and your LO in my thoughts!!

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Sorry for all of your worries Sad I'm glad that everything else seems ok/healthy though- that's a relief! I'll be thinking of you- try to relax, and keep us posted!

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I wish I had some comforting words other than try not to worry, which we all know is way easier said than done. You and baby will be in my prayers, good to hear that other than the measurements baby seems healthy. Keep us updated when you can {{{hugs}}}

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Just saying a little prayer for your LO hun hang in htere and KUP xx