Scheduled the BIG u/s! :)

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Scheduled the BIG u/s! :)

I have one more month of torture before I can find out what we are having!! It feels so far away! But it is scheduled for October 5th at 0800! Yay!

The receptionist told me that I have to ask to know what the gender is because this is just an "anatomy scan" to make sure that everything is okay and that they don't tell you without you asking. WHY must everyone take the fun out of being pregnant. It's so annoying. Ugh.

Anyways, I am thinking boy and hubby wants a boy, but I will be happy with whatever. Smile

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Yay! I hope this month flies by for you!
Now that we have entered holiday season I have a feeling our pregnancies will be a wirl-wind and be over really fast.

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Yay! I hope the month flies by for you!

And yes, ITA with Ashley - I think time is about to sweep us off our feet!

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YAY hope this next month flies hun Smile

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Wahooo! I just scheduled mine for Oct 10th yesterday. :). I cant wait!