seven. Seven. SEVEN!

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seven. Seven. SEVEN!

I have 7 for sure appointments left until Rowans estimated arrival!!


Holy smokes! How is that even possible?
I told hubby and he just sat there for a moment before saying "OMG You started month seven already?!" Lol

Time is flying by, I feel like we all just started this journey!!

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wahoooooo! it's crazy that little things like this are 'countable' now :)!

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LOL I haven't counted mine Wink

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crap yeah its going fast! you know, I may only have... 4 left? My doc doesn't have me come in every 2 like others do... At least from last time. I think it'll be something like 32, 36, 38, then the day before the section maybe? Unless something comes up I guess. Its crazy when you think of it that way though!

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Wow! I dont have any idea how many appts I have, since I make a new one every time I go. But that is exciting. Smile