She isnt sooo bad...

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She isnt sooo bad...

My OB called me this morning to apologize for her behavior last week. She said she was having the worst day, lost a baby, problems at home and she just had a breakdown when I called.

I was shocked that she actually called me, used my first name, and said she promised it would not happen again. She also said she completly understood my wanting of a new doctor but asked that I just meet her at our schedualed time [July 6th] and that if I still feel that we wont click that she will personally refer me to another practice.

I talked to hubby and we agreed to stick it out, see if we can make a connection with her again. Because she has a wonderful reputation and she was so great during my phone consult the first time we spoke.

I am however going to call back and ask for an earlier appointment since I am very nervous after all my drama with bleeding and cramping. I still have the cramping, sometimes its awful, like shoot me now awful. So that has me worried. I really hope she listens to my concerns, I would have brought it up today but forgot!

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Aw, that is so sweet of her. I would stick it out too.

Hope you can get an earlier appointment.

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That's wonderful. I think you are doing the right thing sticking with her for now. I think making the call shows that she felt bad for how she treated you that is worth a lot!