Signature trouble?

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Signature trouble?

So I've tried multiple times to add the blinkie to my signature but it keeps saying I'm over the 510 character limit. I keep looking and can't figure out how everyone else is managing tickers, pics, blinkies, and words, and I've pared mine to the bare minimum and it won't take. I'm feeling very stupid at this right now, LOL!

Anyone have a clue?

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Yes, unfortunately it does count characters and won't allow you over the 510 limit... it also tends to repeat codes which eats up your limit. If you take a look through our Signature & Picture Guidelines, about a third of the way through there is a section talking about the character limit and how to "fix" it (in most cases).

HTH and if you need any more help or have any questions feel free to ask! Smile

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Great work you added the Blinkie Smile

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I use quite a bit. I also take out the url code (the address) out of the blinkies or tickers.
For example, the code you got from lily pie (or whatever ticker site you used) probably looks something like this:

If you take out everything in brackets that says "url" That saves characters. If you notice, my ticker doesn't link anywhere. That's because I removed the url code from it.

But, I am glad to see you got your blinkie added.

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Mindie - I never even thought of using So smart! Thanks!