Sneak Peak of Baby!

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Sneak Peak of Baby!

We had our 16 week appt yesterday and they scheduled our big u/s for the 27th! While we were talking about that I asked if I could have a sneak peak of the baby and they said yes! It was incredible! Unfortunately, baby had its legs crossed, so we still couldn't tell what it was. We had been thinking about going to an outside u/s today for gender, but are going to wait a week or two. Baby is still really low and the dr couldn't even get to its pelvis very well. I was disappointed that we didn't get a gender, but thrilled to see the baby moving and its growth!

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Yay! How exciting! I love doctors who are understanding and let mommys get extra glimpses of their LOs Biggrin

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It's So great that you got a sneak peak!!

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How awesome!
Some docs are amazing Smile

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Awww I am so happy for you (HUGS)

It's soooo amazing and they gown so so fast Smile Before you know it you will be getting another sneak peak Smile

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How wonderful!!:). I'm so happy you got another peak at that little one! Stinks you couldn't tell the gender, but your next ultrasound will be here before you know it!

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YAY for a sneak peak at baby thats awesome LOVE Dr's like that too Smile