So Annoying, but maybe its just me

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So Annoying, but maybe its just me

I have a friend who is due in about 5 weeks, this is her first baby. He was unplanned, she has been with her now fiance for about 11ish months. She is a pretty nice person, he is a pretty good person overall as well [He is actually an ex of mine LOL]

Anyway, she has done NOTHING but complain about being pregnant and how awful it is. Shes tiiired, and this hurts, that hurts, he kicks too much, he has the hiccups too often. It drives me insane!!! She never has anything positive to say. :eek:

Now she is trying to evict this poor babe 5 weeks early. I tried to tell her how much 5 weeks means to her babys brain and lung development and her responce was basically she didnt care as long as he was out. ugh. I want to scream at her. I had kaylee at 36 weeks and even tho she was okay and only spent 4 hours in observation she had a lot of problems with jaundice, growth, eating ect.

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Hopefully her doctor is RESPONSIBLE and tells her NO. I think a lot of hospitals now have a "no unnecessary induction/c-s before 39 weeks" thing now.

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UGHHHHH. Seriously. People like this make my blood boil. Especially because of my infertility issues. I pray to God that the doctor says no and that her baby gives her HELL in that womb.

I have a friend on FB who just had her baby a month or so ago and I am pretty sure it was unplanned and all she does is complain about how she never gets sleep. It comes with the effing territory. If you wanted more sleep, use protection. Period.

Sure, I complain about some aspects of my pregnancy. Like when my back hurts or my feet swell. But I love it and I wouldn't change it for anything. I love and cherish every kick I feel. And sure when she comes and I am exhausted, I will complain then too. Probably not on any social media site, but to my husband and whoever else will listen without judgement. But we wanted this and I know that it's going to be hard and I am ready for it.

Eff people.

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That really makes me sad Sad I wish people could just understand how it may hurt other peoples' feelings when they say such things- not everyone gets the opportunity to carry a baby. Complaining is okay within reason- as I think most people complain at some point, but usually have something good to say as well. The fact that she is seriously trying to have the baby this early is pathetic and irresponsible. If you are lucky enough to be able to carry a baby till term, it should be considered a blessing.

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I understand people complain...I mean I say this or that hurts now and then, but I also LOVE being pregnant. We complain to each other on here so its not like complaining is bad, we are all human. Its just so frustrating when thats ALL they do.

Blekk! And if she thinks pregnancy is hard and sleepless...oh god is she in for a wake up call once the LO gets here haha.

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this seriously makes me so, so insanely angry. ds1 came 5wks early and while we escaped the NICU it was a very, very hard road to having a 'healthy' normal baby. It was mentally and physically exhausting and so emotional. While his issues were relatively minor compared to what so many preemies go through it was still very real for us. The difference between a 35wkr and a 40wkr is HUGE. Ds2 was born just over 40wks and it was so much better of an's not just you, stuff like this drives me nutso!

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I complain all.of.the.time, this pregnancy has been really hard on my body. I am all set with being pregnant which makes me really sad because I normally love being pregnant.

With that being said, I DO NOT want this baby to come early, at all! My 2nd was two weeks early and that was enough, I still think she has/had problems because of it. I want a 40 weeker even though my body does not.