So Excited!

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So Excited!

So, for those that don't already know, DH and I have been having to live apart for the last year and a half while he finished his degree. He's been 150 miles away, so we have just been seeing each other every other weekend for the most part. Well, tomorrow after work I'll be going to his apartment there for a week, he'll graduate, and he'll be moving back home! I'm so excited to have him back full time! It's been so hard to live apart, especially after we found out I was pregnant after 4 years of TTC!

I also have my first baby shower on Saturday - the town where DH is is where we lived together for 10 years, so I'm having a shower there and then will have another here in January! I'm so excited! Yahoo

Anyway, just had to share - and to those ladies whose husbands serve in the military, I don't know how you do it. You have my deepest respect.

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Yahoo Seriously- that's awesome! Man you're gonna feel like a whole new woman I bet. Awesome about the shower too- you'll have to tell us how that goes Smile

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Whoo hoo! (: Ive been tracking his home coming via FB lol You have to be one happy mama right now.

Take plenty of pictures of the shower! You know we are picture hungry preggos!

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Thanks ladies! And yes I will definitely post pictures soon! Biggrin

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WAHOOOOOOOO, how very very exciting! hope moving him back goes smoothly and you guys enjoy your holidays TOGETHER!

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I know exactly how you feel. Me and my fiance do not live together and for personal reasons are not allowed to live together, and I am going crazy. I see him for an hour 2x a week for our "visits" and it really sucks. I will be glad when my life is back to normal. Being pregnant with a high risk pregnancy and doing everything on my own is hard. To top it off my youngest is 1 so I have no choice, and can't take it easy. I hope your pregnancy has been a good one for you, and congrats I would be beyond excited!! You're right for those women that have to be away from their S/O's I don't know how they do it either!!