So many symptoms!!!

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So many symptoms!!!

Ok I'm really happy about it lol. With my m/c pregnancy my symptoms were so mild and then they disappeared all together so I am STOKED that I have NOTICEABLE symptoms that are actually causing a little disruption in my normal life LOL

A) falling asleep at my desk by 9 am
Dirol Sore bbs
C) Super hungry
D) bloated as HECK
E) headache
F) Dull cramps/twinges
G) Peeing like crazy

Anyone else?

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I have few symptoms that I notice but that was the case with Kay so I am not worried.

-Sore bbies
-Occastional bloating
-Wanting dairy

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I have those same symptoms too (minus the headache). But I think mine are all in my head since I haven't gotten a BFP yet. With all these symptoms in my head though it could lead to a big headache.

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My bbs are sore off and on and I pee a lot. I feel a fullness in my lower stomach. That's it for now.

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-I don't get sore bbs persay, I get random twinges in them sort of... I wonder if not having a lot of bb symptoms (last pregnancy either) is related to my issues producing milk too... something to do with breast development/ tissue development or something?
-I didn't get nauseous with DS much at all, but I'm already starting to feel it with this one- maybe that's in my head because isn't it early? I'm hoping it stays like it is now where I just will away the urge to throw up though and doesn't get worse!
-I get dizzy/lightheaded a lot now
-Again probably in my head, but I notice smells sooner than I think I would not pregnant- and some food textures make me feel gross too!
Seems a lot different so far than the early part with DS- all I really remember with him was feeling tired and somewhat lightheaded- maybe because its my second or because its a girl?!

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1. TIRED as all get out!
2. Boobs are sore
3. Occastional bloating
4. Peeing loads
5. every so often I get cramps, not horrible but I know something is going on down there lol