So sorry to say...

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So sorry to say...

This will not be our time to have a baby Sad I started spotting Saturday, then it stopped Sunday, and then the past 3 days it continued to get heavier. This morning it finally passed. I went to the dr. this morning and did the ultrasound and he said that it was gone.

We knew there was a good possibility due to past miscarriages and of course being older. We are very disappointed, but looking on the bright side he said I was still pretty fertile, so thats good news. Hoping to start trying again in a few months.

I just wanted to say I've loved getting to know you gals and think you are all fabulous moms or to be moms and I only wish you the very best!! I hope you will drop me a line sometime through messages as I would love to keep in touch. I will still post on here when I can as I want to know how things are going. Anyway, just wanted to tell you the latest, and know that I couldn't be happier for all of you, and in time and God's will we will have good news to share with you later. Hugs to all of you!

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I'm sorry. Sad

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So sorry Karen. my Prayers your way.
I admire your courage and optimistic attitude. take care.

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I'm so sorry Karen! Like PP said- your optomistic attitude is amazing! I'll be thinking about you!

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Very very sorry Sad I wish you the best and please keep in touch!

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Thanks so much girls, its been so nice getting to know you and I will keep in touch. Please do the same and keep me posted how all of you are doing! Hugs to you all!

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I am so sorry Gabby Sad I wish things would have turned out better, but with your attitude it will happen again for you.