So, UTI anyone?

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So, UTI anyone?

I got a message on my home phone from the triage nurse from the midwife's office this morning. She was calling to see if anything had been called in for me and if anyone had contacted me concerning the infection. Nope and nope! So, I call her back and leave a message that I had no idea of an infection and had not been told anything. So, she says well I will call in the meds when she returned my call. Thankfully she checked with me upon my inquiry about which med is being called in. Flame from the not so nice midwife a.g.a.i.n. as she wrote a script and put it in my file....for penicilan...I'm allergic to's right there in my file.

So, now I am waiting on the doctor or midwife to change the script and the triage nurse to call it in. .....she just called Smile Something has been called in now and she says should be ready by this afternoon. Hmm.

Watch out for UTI ladies. Anyone else have one already?

During my appointment she went off on me about the color of my urine. I told her I drink water...water...water, and more water. She just assumed that I was lying it seems. lmao! I'm done.

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I got one at 4ish weeks that I didn't know about, "silent UTI" is what they like to be called, and at 5 weeks ended up admitted into the hospital with a kidney infection and tacacardic. My HR was in the 140's and my blood pressure was way low.

So yes, watch out for UTI's, and drink lots and lots of water. All it took for me was a couple days of not enough water and it got me. Pregnant women are more prone to get them and can get them no matter what precautions they take.