Some good came from it

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Some good came from it

Well, our little contraction adventure has netted some gain at least. When I got home from work DH was assembling a booster for DD who is 1 in from out growing her carseat. If it works out in his car we'll get a second for mine. He also (finally!) picked a new baby monitor. (Electrical engineers are geeky about gadgets like that.) He wanted a video monitor with night vision and wifi so he can check on her from his computer in the office in the basement during nap time. I told him he had to do the picking, then. It took a MONTH!:rolleyes:

And the best news: we have finally picked a first name (I think) : Katharina. Middle is still being discussed, but at least I can call her something. I like Marie or Elise, he likes Elsa for middle. We'll see.

As for the contrax, well, I'm still getting them, but sporadicly, so OB says not to worry for now. But of course, if it happens again, to call.

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YAY!!! Way to kick daddy's butt into gear miss Katharina (love it)! I'm glad the contractions are sporadic, and I hope they stay that way for you for awhile!

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How do you sat that name? I'm pronouncing it Katrina with a lisp...

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More like Catalina dressing if that makes sense. Kath-a-reena. And Elise would be Eh-leese (like saying Lisa minus the a).

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Glad it got hubby to get some things done! The name is very pretty.