Sorry I have been gone so long

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Sorry I have been gone so long

I have been really busy keeping up with everything new. But it is all good new, so I am happy. My oldest has started Pre K, and DH has a new job, so schedules have really changed in my house. We found out today that we are having a Boy! I really thought it was a girl, but I am getting more and more excited as I get adjusted to knowing I will have 3 boys, and one girl. Everything looked good, and he was very active. He wouldn't cooperate with the tech at all, except to show off his goods, lol. I can't believe I am not feeling all that movement with the way he was flipping and kicking. I see that there are a lot of girls on the board, so we will do our part in balancing out the gender gap, lol.

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Congrats on your little boy!!
I completely understand what you're going through. DS just started JK and things have been crazy here too with the new schedule.
Welcome back!

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Congratulations! We needed some boys, lol! Smile

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Congrats. Yay for some blue in here Smile

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WELCOME BACK... Congrats and welcome to team BLUE Smile