Sorry I have been MIA

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Sorry I have been MIA

I am so sorry that I have been missing in action since last week. But things went downhill and fast starting last wed. I had my fetal scan with the special doc on wed morning after getting off working 12hrs. My husband decided that he was going to take me to the apt instead of meeting me there. Well boy it was a good thing. The tech scanned her and then the doc came in and looked at the measurements and took a look himself. I could tell things were hot. He told me that she hadn't grown but maybe 1% in 2 weeks. She was 4lbs 1oz according to the ultrasound. He said we are going to induce you today because something is going on in the womb and her belly showed signs of stress and he could see bowel moving inside her little stomach. We told the doctor we needed to go home and pack a bag and take care of our dog so he allowed us to leave and come back in a couple of hours to check in for the birth. I lost it when I got to the parking lot. I called my family and they started to get ready. The short and sweet version is induction started, contractions horrible lol actually pushing my daughter out, a piece of a cake LOL. Isabella Elizabeth Huddleston arrived 12-29-11 weighing 4lbs 4oz. She's in the NICU and we almost live in the hospital. I'm pumping trying to get this milk going, which is causing me such stress. She's doing better today then she has the last few days. I will try and keep updates as much as possible but running between home, pumping and hospital as been crazy the last two days after discharge.

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OMG we have an arrival already.. CONGRATS on your beautiful baby girl Christina OMG hope she is doing well

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CONGRATS!!!! I can't even imagine how hard and busy it must be, but I bet you sure are loving her! Keep us posted, and take good care of yourself too!

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Well first CONGRATS on the arrival of your baby girl!! I am sure it was a very overwhelming and scary experience to go through!! I hope she continues to improve and hopfully she gets come home soon! Try to not stress about the pumping (easier said then done), she was just born 5 days ago so it can take that long or longer for the milk to really start to flow. Ask for all the help you can get. I am sure the hospital has a lactation consultant on staff to help you! Keep us posted and I will be praying for your new little girl (and you!).

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Omg! Our first Feb babe! Im sorry that things happend to quickly and obviously not the way you planned. I am however so happy to hear both you and little Isabella are doing okay. I hope she gets big and strong soon and you get to take her home!!

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OMG how exciting and scary! I'm so glad she and you are doing ok! Take care of yourself and her and keep us posted when you can!

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Congrats on the arrival of your new baby girl. I will be praying that she gets big and strong quickly. Be gentle with yourself and update us when you are up for it and know we are here if you need to talk. Have a little bity one is not easy