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Okay, so Dh had a really bad quarter last term and next looks even worse. He is so stressed right now. So I've been the one to dig through the baby names. So far he hasn't disliked any, but nothing has reached out and snagged his attention either. Dd and I like Genevieve Marie (Evie/Evy for short), Amelia Anne (Mia), and Dd added Emily (middle name unknown) last week. Last name starts Sch and is uber Germanic so we're kinda sticking to German and/or Biblical names.

Right now, Liesel is calling her sister Minnie Mouse for lack of a real name and I'm a little nervous that it will stick. So what do you think? I'm also open to suggestions.My only thing is no top 20 names. I love my name, but hated being one of 4-5 Lauras in my year.

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I wouldn't worry too much about her calling the baby Minnie Mouse, our household calls this baby Hulk-Smash Bruce... My middle child named him.

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My brother used to call my sister Baby Beluga while she was in the belly and into the following months. People thought it was adorable. When she was about 4 months old he started calling her by her first name; Messina. (:

I wouldnt worry about it too much.

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Maybe he'll start taking the name game seriously closer to the due date- or else if you act like you're serious about a name that you know he'll really dislike...?
I love that Liesel is helping you Smile

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First off, I love that your daughter's name is Liesel. I adore that name. Smile

Also, I really like Genevieve Marie & Amelia Anne. Those are both really cute. I think I even prefer Genevieve.

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"always_1111" wrote:

I think I even prefer Genevieve.

That's my favorite, too. Dh says there are too many Jennys in our family. But since I was planning on Evie not Genna/Genny I don't see his point(but I'm hormonal-what do I know?;) )

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Those are pretty - I prefer Amelia Anne!