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Still waiting

I was suppose to have my first Midwife appointment yesterday morning but it was canceled last 1 hour before. She was called out to a birth.
I feel like I've been waiting for a really long time and now I have to wait even longer. I'll be almost 16 weeks at my next appointment.
Anyway, just venting

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:bighug: Awww, that stinks! Have you already been rescheduled? I hope they can work you in soon!

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I'm so sorry :bigarmhug: I do hope you are able to be seen at this appointment. Call their office and see if they will put you on their cancellation list...meaning if someone cancels, they will call you to come in instead. Remind them you've not been seen and also of what happened them calling an hour before your app to reschedule).

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I'm rescheduled for next Thursday. Last minute appointments don't really work for me because of the and nap time. It's a little frustrating!

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That does seem like an excessive wait! I would be going nuts!