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Survey says.....


It's a GIRL!!!!!

She's a wiggly little thing. Almost missed her gender due to being a little acrobat. She is measuring a little large (20 weeks, 2-3 days and 12 oz) but not enough to move the date. That said, my OB may decide to go a smidge earlier with the c-section than the 39th week since dd was 2 weeks early on the nose and 7lb 13 oz.

So here is a picture of our little girl.

IMG_1376 (2)

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Wow, lots of team pink around here.

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Yay!!! Another girl!! So funny because January is turning into a boy board, lol! Congratulations - be sure and update the Lovebugs thread sticky at the top for the tally! Smile

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YAY for another girl ehre on the FEB board Smile Wonder if this is a sign I am having a girl Wink

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Congrats!!! Seriously awesome about all of the girls! I love it. This way if I end up with another boy I can LOOK at your girly pics and everything! I'm glad everything is looking healthy!

Did Liesel want a sister? Or did she have any quesses that it'd be a girl?

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Wahoo for a girl!! Can you all share some of these girl vibes with me?

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Yay, congratulations!!!

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"RonanTheBarbarian" wrote:

Did Liesel want a sister? Or did she have any quesses that it'd be a girl?

Originally she wanted a brother to play Cars and Thomas and knights with. Then, while surrounded by the boys at preschool who wouldn't play house or dolls, she decided that a girl would be better because "girls can do boy AND girl stuff." LOL

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Yay for another girl on the board!!!

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Congrats!!!! now you get to go shopping Smile FUN FUN Wink