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So I am just wondering what everyone elses symptoms are doing lately? I seem to be over the worst of my ms, and my hemerrhoids are under control, I may even have a handle on this whole fatigue thing this week. My main frustration the past few days... I literally have to go to the bathroom every 2 minutes! Super frustrating when you have parent/tot swim lessons every morning! My other problem... I WANT CHOCOLATE! :drool:

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I definitely feel better nausea and fatigue wise too! Hooray for that! I still have to pee fairly often, but last night and the night before I slept midnight to 5 am without having to get up! YAY! I hear you on the chocolate thing- I found something that satisfies my craving without being too bad though- chocolate animal crackers! I found these: at walmart- super cheap and really good!

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Meh, my MS seemed to reach a peak this week - I finally threw up for the first time - at the public bathroom in the hotel of the conference that I basically organized for our company, lol! Luckily no one was in there - and the presentation I missed apparently was the worst one, lol!

After catching up on sleep yesterday - like 12 hours straight - I'm definitely feeling better today, but the nausea is still hanging around in the background. Hopefully it begins to go away soon... Wink