T&Ps Needed Please

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T&Ps Needed Please

At my ultrasound, the tech was awesome and told us everything; or so we thought. [She's still great and I requested her again...]

Went in for my 20/21 week check and was told that Rowan may have a hole or multiple holes in his heart, possible missplacement of valves and a few things I couldnt grasp. She said the tech hadnt told us because she wanted to confirm her findings with my OBs before freaking us out. His HB is strong which is a great sign, and she said it could have just been the way the images were taken, the position of the baby ect. Still, you say there COULD be something wrong, and of course Im going to worry like a mad woman.

Both of our families have issues with the heart. DHs Aunt was born with multiple heart issues like missing valves, transverse blood flow ect and had 3 major surgeries before she was even 9 months old.

We go in for the scan 10/10 @ 10am with our tech and a specialist who looks at high risk pg and u/s. I am just very nervous and anxious, but I know that no matter the results I am madly in love with this little man!

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Ohh Ashley a huge bunch of thoughts and prayers coming your way Hun hope everything is ok with your little one.

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Oh dear! Sending you lots of good thoughts and prayers and love.

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I'm sorry Ashley. I really hope it's just a case of not seeing the images properly. I'm sure the 10th can't come fast enough. Please keep us posted and you and your babe will be in my thoughts.

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I am so sorry to hear that! I will be praying for you and your little one!

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T&P for you and your LO. My mom was told that I had a hole in my heart too when I was 9 months old. It never affected my day to day life and it closed up as I grew up. I hope the scans are wrong but if not I hope your LO has the same success story!

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Oh my, I am so sorry! I will be praying like crazy for you and baby Rowan!!!

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I am keeping you in my thoughts. I hope it's just the way the pics were taken and there is nothing wrong. Either way they can do amazing things now and your little guy will do great! Hoping the 10th gets here quickly!

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T&Ps for your LO to be fine and healthy. :bigarmhug:

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Oh no I'm so sorry to read this. I will keep you both in my thoughts. I am just hoping that it was crummy ultrasound pictures and nothing will be wrong when the specialist views the scan.

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Thanks Ladies! We are hoping for the best but have prepared ourselves for the worst.

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Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope everything turns out ok for you and baby Rowan! T&P's coming your way...

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Lots of prayers and hugs coming your way!

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I'm so sorry to hear this, but as everyone has been saying- I hope it was just unclear U/S pics, and it'll be ok. I'll think of you two!

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((HUGS)) Please keep us posted..

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I just wanted to give you :bigarmhug: My 5 yo was born with CHD's (Congenital Heart Defects). I know getting this news is hard. But finding out prior to LO being born is so much better and drs and you can prepare a plan for after better. If you ever need to talk you can ALWAYS PM me or you can find me on the Birth Defects and Special Needs board. Again :bigarmhug:

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T's and P's for you. Hopefully like PP said, the ultrasound will be wrong. Here's hoping the 10th comes quickly for you.

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Thank you so much! I am sure I will be full of questions if the time comes, and if it does it will be nice to have someone who knows kinda what I am going through.

Thank you ladies. This next week needs to fly by! I am so anxious and nervous and stressed. But I am trying to keep happy, healthy baby thoughts!

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lots and lots of prayers and {{{huge hugs}}} hoping this week goes by and you get great news next week that all is well!

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Ashley - you are very welcome. Continued prayers that LO's heart is fine. Always here if you need to talk.