Totally OT and LONG sorry

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Totally OT and LONG sorry

So this is totally off topic but I am not close with any of the ladies on my May 2009 board so I am talking to YOU ladies because I feel a closeness here (:

My DD Kaylee is having surgery on June 7th! We had her consult today, which went pretty well. Her doctor is nicknamed the "Rockstar" Peds surgeon at this hospital.

She has had a growth above her left eye that has been growing and pushing the corner of her eye down. It has been there for a year and they didnt want to operate on her in the event that it would go away on its own. But now it has entangled itself in a few of her facial nerves and a nerve of her eye movement, so it is a slightly risky surgery. She is also only two years old and the size of a small one year old. [she and the 9 month old I watch are the same weight and kay is only 4 inches taller] So she is itty bitty, she was preemie and could have a gentic thing going on, but they arent jumping to conclusions there unless she doesnt grow by her 3rd year appt.

The surgery is currently labled as outpaitent with a 24 hour nurse assigned to us for emergencies. It could become a 1-2 day stay in the event something goes wrong...which here is the list of things that COULD go wrong:

-They hit the facial nerves which would prevent her from moving that side of her forhead
-They hit an optic nerve which could cause temp or perm blindness in that eye
-She has a seizure during the procedure from the "sleepy meds" [She has had random seizures since she was 3 months old where she would completely stop breathing and go totally limp...yes a mothers nightmare. All her tests were inconclusive and she hasnt had one since she was 1 and a half.]
-She doesnt wake up from her sleepy meds [very low chance but it can happen]

Those are my main concerns, there are plenty of other things that could go wrong but not as forward on my mind. Ugh, well those of you who made it through my rant THANKS (:
Im not sure of the responce I am looking for but I had to vent it out or I was going to combust into a ball of stress and worry.

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I am so sorry your DD has to go through this. And as a mom it's heart-wrenching to have to watch.

I had a neighbor I was very close with whose DD was born with a birthmark that grew into very large lump on the side of her face by her cheek and eye. For the same reasons, no surgery was done as they hoped it would correct itself. Unfortunately, it never did and just kept growing.

They had the same fears but I am very glad to say she is a healthy little girl with absolutely no repercussions due to the surgery and her sight is perfect.

It sounds like you have a great doctor and are in great and capable hands. I'll be thinking of you and your family tomorrow.

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Aww!! So sorry to hear this!! I can't imagine anything harder then dealing with a child who needs surgery and being so worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the surg. Scheduled or is that what you're going to be figuring out on June 7th?!

What does the doctor think is the best thing to do?

I feel that if it were more risky then worthwhile the doctors probably wouldn't reccomend it, so maybe its comforting if they don't think the risks are very high?

I would just try to concentrate on the positives and afterwards she'll be all fixed and it'll just be a memory of telling her "when you were 2..."

KUP!! I'll be thinking of you guys!

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THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT LADIES! It means a lot to me (:

Her actual surgery is June 7th. Her doctor is a very confident guy, he said that he thinks the good outweighs the bad but that as parents we had a right to know all the dangers that come along with the surgery and any surgery. He was very honest about the risks and very honest that yes she may loose function of the left side of her forhead and sight but that they were low percentages and he felt that the surgery would go smoothly with the right team. (: So as a person I am confident, as Kaylees mother I am worried. But I think thats the way it should be!

On a happier note:
her birthday party with family is this weekend! She is so excited, we are having the party at chuck e cheese which she LOVESSSS! I am making homemade red velvet and zebra cupcakes [recipes will be up soon(:] With HOT PINK frosting and black glitter sprinkles. Her theme is PRINTS so I found all these cool girly prints for her cupcake holders [will post pics after party] And got some hot-pink plates and napkins and balloons. (: I am not a very big girly girl but I can be when it comes to my bby girl! I am also making her a tutu with animal prints and a onsie with a lepord print 2 with hot pink trim and stiching!

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Wow sounds like a fun bday!! Brody is now OBSESSED with C.C and asks to go there all the time (I think because he knows he will get pizza and cupcakes and run wild!) I kind of want to have his birthday there but I find the dancing and the mouse sooo very annoying haha..

I love zebra and animal prints!! I'm not very "girly" either and I don't really wear pink or anything, but I really wish i could have a girl because I love baby/kid girly things!! I have to live through my friends kids and my neice! I was just looking at pink paint today at the paint store for a baby girl room.. unfortunately I ended up buying tan.. haha..

I'm thinking the fun bday party might get the surg off your mind a little bit!!! Can't wait to see pics!

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I'm so sorry your DD has to go through this. I'm sure the sugery will be a sucess and I will certainly keep her in my thoughts.


Have fun with the Birthday party!! Biggrin

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Hope her surgery goes well!! I will be praying for her, I am sure it is very nerve-wracking for you. I am sure it will be very successful, your doc sounds awesome!

Her party sounds like lots of fun!! Love the theme you are doing! Sounds super cute and totally my style Smile Can't wait to see some pics!

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OOh gosh I'm sorry your little one is having to under-go surgery so young. But the Doctor sounds like he know's his stuff. When hospital staff tells you a doctor is good..they are usually right on the mark. They stand behind him. I hope she has a really good birthday though. I wish I could have a birthday with all that glittler and girly stuff!

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Thanks so much for the advice and support ladies!!

I have been baking like a mad woman today for this party! Red velvet and Zebra cupcakes to match her pink,black&white theme! And I got these super cute cupcake holders!

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