Tummy Twinges

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Tummy Twinges

Ok, so this is just me being a little paranoid, but I notice that when I stand up sometimes that I feel little...pulling sensations in my belly. I'm assuming it's just my uterus having stretched out...it's not painful so I don't think it's round ligament...but I just wanted to see if anyone else out there was feeling anything similar because it makes me a little nervous.

It's also weird that my belly feels different...almost like there's a balloon under there...I don't know how to describe it best. It's just that if feels different poking there than it does like higher up on my stomach.

Lol, maybe I'm just a weirdo... :eek:

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Both completely normal! I get the tugging and pulling sensations too and that balloon feeling I get at about 8 weeks, especially when I'm sitting and bend forward or when laying on my stomach. The tugging and pulling sensation is just the uterus growing and stretching causing your muscles to stretch and move. Mine is slightly painful on my left side but I have a scar from a surgery I had when i was 15 and I have a permanent stitch inside that it tugs on and causes some discomfort. While pregnant I have to put pressure on that spot when I cough or sneeze or the sharp pain it causes about kills me.

But yeah, totally went off subject there, all those things are normal symptoms and it's just proof your body is doing what it's supposed to and that baby is growing. Smile

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Thanks! I figured it was normal but had to make sure of course!

Hehe, no worries about tangents - I notice that when I sneeze or cough that sometimes I get little painful pangs on the sides of my stomach, so I'm guessing with a permanent stitch that would be annoying! :/

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I have the same thing, its more annoying that it is painful most times. Like a dull tugging.

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Ya, It is probably just your uterus expanding. :). With my first I felt it a TON, it was less with my second, and so far I've only felt it a little with this one.