Twingey and crampy

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Twingey and crampy

Anyone else? I'm not spotting or anything but I'm having really mild cramps. It's mostly when I move really quickly or sit up and I'm wondering if that's what someone else was describing as that pain from having a c-section? It seems like it sounds like the same thing but I'm not sure...

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I had 2 separate things a couple weeks ago- the dull cramping like you're talking about, and the sharper burning pains when making certain movements that I think are bc of the c-section. I still have SOME of this, but not nearly as much of the cramping. Lately I also have this mild/moderate ache in my uterus that I'm not sure if I pulled something maybe? But it sounds like something similar to what I feel/felt! And so far I think everything is fine on my end, so I bet it is for you too! YAY another symptom!!!! Smile

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:lurk: I was super twingey and crampy with my second. I hated that- totally stressed me out! BTW, congrats! Smile

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Yeah, I get them too. I don't think it has to do with my c-section because its almost to my hip area, but I could be wrong. Heck, for the first 2 years after my c, I was getting wierd pulling/fluttery muscle spasms. Doc said they were mild adhesions pulling away from whatever things had wrongfully attached to. Haven't had them in the last year or so. They are probably nothing, but if they keep up or your worried you might be able to call your OB's question line.

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It's probably the normal pregnancy cramps/twinges with a little bit of round ligament pain - it's a little uncomfortable hey? I hope it's not too bad for you!

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I've been spotting for 2 days now and I'm having allot of cramping and lower back pain. IDK what to make of it all bc I have no idea when I actually Oed or if I oed early but the fact that I'm spotting and I'm no where near my period yet only thing I can think of is Implantation bleeding.

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I have the same thing! But sometimes mine last for like 10 minutes and get to the point where I am almost crying. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, I gave birth with just basic painkillers with kay.